Kansas City - 2005

2005 Annual Reunion at Kansas City
42nd Annual Reunion; Kansas City MO
Respect was paid to the memory of Ruth Keys Clark, one of the original planners of this year's Reunion, along with Dianne Hinshaw and Rebecca Christensen. The ladies did a fine job making us welcome and a pleasant time to enjoy.

THURSDAY June 9th through SATURDAY June 11th.
Many folks came to enjoy this year's Reunion at Independence, Missouri, adjacent to Kansas City.

FRIDAY was a day of meeting,
socializing, sharing family information, records, in the Hospitality Room. Video was shown of several English churches in Shropshire and Worcestershire where PACES and related families were Christened and married going back to the 1540's. Also shown was Saint Peter's Church, Wrockwardine Shropshire, where a JOHN PACE was Christened 22 Sep 1665.

Recent DNA tests results indicate descendents of John Pace of Middlesex match results of Gordon Pace of Ontario Canada who was born in England. His PACE family history of Shropshire is known and documented back to the year 1600. DNA and other facts now allow us to assume a connection exists Prominent clues to support DNA results also are evident. Other Shropshire surnames show up in colonial Virginia where PACE is found, later Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas. WRIGHT, GROOM, HARRISON, MADDOX for examples. Hard documentation is elusive yet but evidence is gradually being uncovered to support the DNA results. Some web pages are being set up to record and illustrate these supportive facts.

Jane Shelton awards Rebecca Christensen
PSA President Jane Shelton
of La Fayette, Georgia
presents Rebecca Christensen
of Lawrence,Kansas
with PSA Award
ALSO VIDEO Shown in the Hospitality Room:
Annual Memorial meet, at SCOTT County, Virginia, descendents of WILLIAM HENRY PACE, a Member of GEORGE WASHINGTON's Life Guards. Interesting Commentary by Bill & Martha Bellomy of Garland, Texas. BILL is a descendent of WILLIAM HENRY PACE 1745-1815. BILL and WILLIAM HENRY PACE are descendent of JOHN PACE of Middlesex Co. Virginia. see BILL's web site - Distinguished Military Career - descendent WILLIAM BELLOMY's site

SATURDAY - Val TICE, with unlimited energy, described collecting and putting together, the new PACE database, she's been working on, soon to be available. More on this valuable work later. DIANE HINSHAW talked on ELISHA CENTER PACE 1781-1851 and Virginia PACE lines that include Foster, Wineinger. ELISHA was a descendent of WILLIAM HENRY PACE and JOHN of Middlesex.

CLICK for MO History discussions

Picture Taking Thursday

The Hospitality Room
Gathering in Hospitality Room - 15th Floor
Clarion Hotel, Independence, Missouri

Gladys B. Pace Gilliland, Peublo,Colorado
Laura Strickland Wilson, PSA Secretary, La Fayette,GA
Jane Shelton awards Roy Johnson
Jane Shelton awards Roy Johnson
for PSA & DNA work
accepted by Bob Pace of Huntsville, Alabama
former President of PSA
Jane Shelton and Rick Pace
Jane presents
Rick Pace of Canada
Youngest Visitor Award
New Executives
new executives - Mira Pace Nelson of Fort Worth,Texas
Val Tice of Fair Oaks,California
Rebecca Christensen of Lawrence,Kansas
enjoying the banquet Saturday
Saturday evening banquet
father & sons
father & sons, Tom, Gord, Rick PACE
of Ontario, Canada

Dianne Hinshaw of Shawnee Mission,Kansas
and Gladys Gilliland of Pueblo,Colorado
at the books in Hospitality Room

photos by Tom & Rick PACE
Ontario, Canada

15th floor
Tom Pace picture from parking lot
of Hospitality Room group on 15th Floor of Hotel
Donna and Delores Butler
Donna and Delores Butler of Cahokia,Illinois
and Rick Pace, Ontario
New Business executives:
1st Vice President .. Rebecca Christensen
2nd Vice President .. Jane Black
3rd Vice President .. Caroline Nelson
Treasurer .. Mira Pace Nelson

FRIDAY night,
the guest speaker was, NIEL JOHNSON, archivist and oral historian at the HARRY S. TRUMAN Library and Museum, Independence, Missouri. Mr. Johnson retired from that position in 1992 and since, has been an active impersonator of HARRY S. TRUMAN. This involves dressing in the same manner as Harry S. Truman and relating highlights of his life and career as the former US President.

The Harry S. Truman Museum is certainly a place to spend an afternoon.

the guest speaker was ARNOLD W. SCHOFIELD, retired, of the US Army. Formerly cultural historian with the National Park Service, the Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia and also Harper's Ferry National Historical Park, West Virginia. Arnold served 25 years at Fort Scott Kansas as senior historian. Since retirement, Arnold is site administrator for MINE CREEK Battlefield State Historic Site near Pleasanton, Kansas. Arnold spoke on "BLEEDING KANSAS" and the Civil War. It seems KANSAS and MISSOURI had much turbulent history for several years. ROY JOHNSON has also pertinent words on how Missouri had it's own Civil War. CLICK HERE to learn more of Missouri's turbulent past when the state was divided and had two capitols.

Next Year's PACE Reunion will be held at DALLAS, Texas
Dr. Ben & Peggy Dowdey, Chairpersons, Bill & Martha Bellomy, Nick & Mira Nelson, Nell Deets Walker

The following year 2007
Is planned near WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia, possibly at RICHMOND because celbrations at Williamsburg are planned far in advance. There is one of the Grande Old Railway hotels in Richmond that was completely renovated a few years ago.

Trustees for the Term 2008
  1. Ken Daniell
  2. D.E. Jack Pace
  3. Hilda Williams
  4. Frances Radulovic
  5. Myrtice Watson
  6. Diane Pace
  7. Sara B. Wright
  8. Gordon W. Pace
  9. Rebecca A. Christensen
  10. Robert (Bob) Pace
  11. SaraLee Denson
  12. Mira Nelson
  13. William (Bill)Bellomy
  14. Freda Turner

Executive Committee

  • Jane Shelton, President
  • Rebecca Christensen, First VP
  • Jane Black, Second VP
  • Caroline Nelson, Third VP
  • Mira Nelson, Treasurer
  • Bob Pace, Immediate Past President
  • D. E. Jack Pace
  • Bruce Howard

Officers for 2006

  1. Jane Shelton, President
  2. Rebecca Christensen, 1st VP
  3. Jane Black, 2nd VP
  4. Caroline Nelson, 3rd VP
  5. Laura Wilson, Secretary
  6. Mira Nelson, Treasurer

  1. James Pace, Chairperson
  2. Nancy Webb Wood
  3. Jane Shelton and Melea Allen
  4. Diane Hinshaw, Editor Emeritus

Caroline Nelson

Don Tortorice


  1. Membership
    Larry Pace, Chairperson
  2. Hospitality
    NancyAnn Rupp


  1. Valerie Tice, Chairperson
  2. Jon Pace
  3. Gordon T. Pace
  4. Rebecca Christensen
  5. Shirley Pace Graham


  1. Caroline Nelson, Chairperson
  2. Jane Shelton
  3. Bob Pace
  4. Larry Pace

Kenneth Daniell


  1. Bob Pace, Chairman
  2. Mira Nelson, Treasuter
  3. Bruce Howard


  1. Bruce Howard, Chairman
  2. Valerie Tice
  3. D. E. Jack Pace
  4. Roy Johnson
DNA Committee
  1. Roy Johnson, Chairman
  2. D.E. Jack Pace
  3. Gordon W. Pace
  4. John Pace
  5. Gordon T. Pace
  6. Rebecca Christensen
  7. Jane Shelton
  • Historian/Archivist, Valerie Tice
  • Researcher, Gordon W. Pace
  • Bulletin Editors,
    Jane Shelton & Melea Allen
  • Bookstore, D. E. Jack Pace

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