Galveston, Texas

25/06/02 - Dear Pace cousins,

How good it was to see both old friends and new faces at our Galveston reunion 2002.The surroundings were historical and the food delicious.The ocean was right out the front door (across the road and over the seawall) and there were two pools on the hotel grounds available for cooling swims.

Thursday night
Bob Pace welcomed us all to Galveston while we stuffed on a great Mexican dinner, (we were sorry that the water went off in the resturant and the clean up crew could not do dishes, but nobody offered to help).

Friday morning
we were ready enjoy the seminars. Betty Shelton informed us on all the latest developments in DNA research.The new world of tracing ancestors. Ruth Keys Clark let us share the results of some of her sourcing and research on the identity of Sara Maycock. Could it be she was the widow of Samuel rather than the child? Looks like that may be the case.

Gordon W Pace gave us an excellent overview of the Pace Network and where to go to find valuable data plus additional addresses on the internet to do more research. The printout to jog our memories is well organized and a neat reminder to have close by.I gave a brief personal account of how I used Networking to link up with people that can exchange and share with me their lineage on my lines.

we scattered to tour the city and to do some research in Houston.

We ended the day with a delicious seafood dinner while our clever cousins shared the latest in down right funny jokes.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye and we left with many saying,

"See you in Mississippi"

To those that could not come, We missed you..

Our many thanks to Diane Pace for all the hard work she did to make the 2002 reunion a grand success..
NancyAnn Rupp

[PACE-L] Galveston - 25/06/02

What a delightful time we had
at the annual Pace Family reunion in Galveston Texas last weekend. Diane Pace did a super job of picking an excellent hotel right on the gulf -- every one had a view of the gulf from their patio porch.

It is an unforgetable experience to meet so many very delightful cousins from all over the nation -- several from Alabama and our webmaster Gordon W Pace from the west coast. Gordon does a great job in sharing his huge PACE data base with all researchers. Gordon presented a paper on internet research.

Nancy Ann Rupp and Laura Elliott, other regulars of this list were also in attendance. It was the first reunion for Laura. Nancy Ann shared her networking experences with us. Do make plans to go to to Jackson, Mississippi next June (probably the third weekend in 2003. It is something you will always remember and never regret.

For those of you who attended, you will be happy to know that my car trouble turned out to be a loose battery cable. Trouble found by a non auto mechanic who promptly tightened it (at no charge). All warning lights on the dash thereafter behaved in a normal manner.
Ruth Keys Clark, Kansas

Journal and Constitution.

"Know Your Name"
by John C. Downing.

W. James Pace says, "Found this in April 23, 1967 regular Sunday Column".

There were no references to sources so I can't vouch for accuracy. In fact, we know the reference to Richard Pace's land grant as being 1626 is incorrect. For what it is worth, here it is quoted verbatim:


This name is from the Latin PAX meaning 'peace, concord, amity.' It came to England in the French form PAIS and became the Middle English PAIS and PECE. It was a given name long before it became a surname. John PAIS lived in Leicestershire in 1219. William and John PACE and John PAX lived in Devonshire in 1242, 1269 and 1275 respectively. Peter PECE was on the Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire in 1302 and Willelmus PECE and Thomas PAAS were on the 1379 Poll Tax Rolls there. John PEASE and Margery Robertes were issued a marriage license in London in 1566. John, son of John PEACE was baptised in St. James Church, London 1649.

Richard Pace was granted 200 acres of land in James City County, Virginia in 1626. Henry PACE emigrated to Accomac County, Virginia in 1638 and Thomas PAYSE emigrated to Virginia in 1648.

Other spellings are PAICE, PAYS, and PAYZE. There is some possibility that the name PASH or PAISH meaning 'Easter' is intermixed.

The French form of this name is PAIX. The French name DePAIX is from a hamlet of the name PAIX thus it is a place name".

W. James Pace
[PACE-L] - SUBJECT - 1967 Newspaper Column


are events to look forward to each year.
This year's was in GALVESTON, Texas
NEXT YEAR at JACKSON, Mississippi

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