Society of America

Reunion Review
Salt Lake City - 2001
June 21 22 23
the Temple

P S A  Crest Reunion 2001 - Salt Lake City
June 21 22 23 - 2001.

Reunion 2002 - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
June 20 to 23 - 2002

"... Reviews for the 2001 Reunion ..."

"I am sure all of you would have enjoyed meeting all of your cousins. The German PACE/PEES descendants were well represented as well as the early Virginia line.

Do make a point of becoming a member of the Pace Society of America and make plans now to attend the 2002 reunion June 21,22,23 in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Get to know your wonderful cousins who are such a great group of nice people.

Ruth Keys CLARK
Winchester, KS

I had a great time in Salt Lake.

It was fun to meet the relatives and share a common bond. I thought the Saturday night program was especially uplifting and not only reminded us of how great it is to be Pace's but how wonderful it is to live in the United States.

The food was excellent and the hospitatily room well supplied and made for a nice gathering place.

Andover, KS

Larry & Jo PACE
Westminster, Colorado

"Jo and I both enjoyed
the 2001 PSA Reunion
in Salt Lake City, Utah."

Larry and Jo PACE
It was a special time to visit with Pace Cousins that we met last year in Williamsburg, Virginia, and meet many new Pace Cousins who are from my Utah Pace line.

Pace's sharing family histories and genealogies, while having fun, is the purpose of
The Pace Society of America.
Larry PACE - Westminster CO

Salt Lake City seemed so far to go. If you fly it will be expensive. If you drive it will take at least three or four days out and then three or four days back and may be even more expensive. All for a four-day weekend with a group you either barely know or have never met - can you justify spending that much money?
The crazy things that go through your mind!

If I had to chose only one day out of the four we spent in Salt Lake City then it was worth many times over what it cost.

The 2001 Pace Society of America Reunion was a decided success.

Hosts Fran GOOLEY and Imogene DALLEY

did a tremendous job of planning and organization. Fran's sister, Zoe NIELSEN of Logan, UT and Imogene's husband, Dennis DALLEY of Sandy, UT, ably assisted them. They had recruited the help of many of our western PACE cousins. Curtis and Elaine ALLEN of Bountiful, UT were at the registration table bright and early Thursday morning. The Hospitality Room opened at 12 noon and was a central gathering place. It was kept fully stocked with lots of soft drinks and snacks. In two years this concept has become indispensable.

"... The barbeque Thursday evening ..."
in the East Gate Room was delicious. The Plaza hotel staff didn't have any trouble getting everyone to come back for seconds and thirds so as not to waste the abundant food. The hotel was perfectly located next door to the LDS Family History Library and right across the street from Temple Square and the Tabernacle. Less than a block away was a modern inside shopping mall.

"... After dinner
Fran and Imogene
did their imitation
of Abbot & Costello ..."

in a back and forth dialogue about the plans for the weekend, the sites of the city and other pertinent information we would need for the weekend. This was followed in the Azalea Room by Kevin HANSEN from the LDS Family History Library with his presentation, "Resource Collections at the Family History Library". Both Thursday and Friday evening Becky ROBERTS, a cousin from Provo, UT, conducted seminars on using THE library.

While some bypassed the Friday bus tour for research at THE library those who went thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the area but more especially the fellowship with our old and new "cousins". The first stop was, what else, Salt Lake. No, Betty, we did not swim in it but we thought of you and other missing friends while there. We then traveled though country unique to that area and climbed to the top of a mountain to the west of Salt Lake City to visit the Bingham Copper Mine, "The World's Richest Hole in the Ground".

"... Then a trip back down the mountain, ..."

through a suburb of Salt Lake City, south on an Interstate and then east through more unique landscape to Park City a swank and exclusive ski resort where much of the 2002 Winter Olympics will be held. Along the way we stopped to visit a beautiful waterfall and to watch teeny, tiny skiers practicing on the new Olympic ski jumps. I'm sure they were regular size people but we were not very close.

That evening, while most of the participants....
enjoyed dinner and the town on their own, the Society Board of Trustees met to conduct most of the business of the Society. New Officers were nominated, the new budget approved, committee chairman appointed and a new Constitution and By-laws proposed. Meanwhile the spouses of the members of the Board of Trustees cooled their heels in the hallway and Hospitality Room waiting patiently for a dinner that for some never came. Needless to say the meeting lasted much longer than anticipated due to the diligence of the members of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Society.

Saturday morning, a delicious breakfast
was enjoyed back in the Eagle Gate Room. This was followed by a brief General Membership meeting conducted by President, Bob PACE from Huntsville, AL in the Azalea Room. At this time the new Board members and Officers were elected and the new Constitution and By-laws were adopted.

"... This was followed by ..." Genealogical Presentations hosted by Historian, Jack PACE of Williamsburg, VA.

With the afternoon free
most headed to THE library for research. It was a pleasure to spend time in this facility. The extent of the holdings and the helpful, friendly spirit of the staff and volunteers makes you want to move to Salt Lake City just to have it nearby. Others went shopping or took their leisure in their own way. After a short (yes, it was very brief this time) Board of Trustees meeting it was time to get ready for the Saturday evening banquet.

There are times in life
when you are part of a function and as it proceeds you know that you will remember it for the rest of you life. Saturday, June 23, 2002 at the Pace Society of America Reunion in Salt Lake City was just such a time for us.

Fran and Imogene had planned a program
that we will remember forever.

"... James PACE in the Battle of New Orleans" ..."

Paul PACE of Bicknell, UT inspired us with his presentation "James PACE in the Battle of New Orleans." Playing the part of his Fifth Great Grandfather, James PACE Sr., he challenged us all to constantly work to deserve the sacrifice of such men.

As you may know, this man and his brother JOHN were two of the Americans who gave their lives at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. His Fifth Great Grandson, PAUL PACE, gave us all hope for the future of our country.

You see Paul is a young man but his love for our country and his devotion to his ancestors is inspiring to all of us. His presentation was dedicated to all the Veterans in the room.

Barlow Wilford PACE BARLOW WILFORD PACE of Loa, UT is not a young man but his love for his family is as fresh and young as a spring rain. Barlow is the brother of one of our hosts, Imogene Pace DALLEY and the Great Grandson of James PACE Jr., a son of the aforementioned James PACE Sr. James PACE Jr. is the well-known diarist of the famous Mormon Battalion.

Listening to Barlow talk about his family is like listening to a favorite aunt or uncle. It is both wonderful and frustrating because you know that there isn't enough time to tell all the stories he has to tell.

Using his Great Grandfather's diary as a guide, Barlow took us back to the hardships and privations of the westward migration. Using the stories handed down for generations he told of the hardships encountered by the people who settled the untamed wilderness of Utah. Barlow's presentation was titled "James PACE in the Mormon Battalion" and "Wilford Woodruff PACE at the Hole in the Rock".

The program was brought to a close with the vocal renditions of Susan Clark, of Ogden, UT. Susan is the Sixth Great Granddaughter of Mary Pace BASKETT. Her closing number was "God Bless the USA".

Sunday was a day of packing, checking out, farewells and promises for tomorrow. There were clusters in the lobby of The Plaza most of the day. Some of us were still clustering on Monday morning.

So long our new friends. I hope we see you next year in Texas!

Jonathan A. Pace
Marietta, GA

are events to look forward to each year.
This year's was in Salt Lake City,
"Genealogy capital of the World"
Start planning now for next year's!