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P S A  Crest Reunion 2000 - WILLIAMSBURG, VA
Raddison Ft Magruder Hotel & Conference Center, Williamsburg, VA
June 15 through SUNDAY June 18, 2000.

Day trips to points of interest for Pace Family Researchers. Also, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown + Yorktown, Busch Gardens + Water Country, Civil War Sites. It will be truly a great Family Outing, bring the children and grandchildren for pure enjoyment and a Historical experience. Don Tortorice, Chairman".

"...we would like a report of the reunion..."

....Salt Lake City Reunion

Just returned from a week of research and the 2001 family reunion. It was a great and successful event. Fran and Imogene did a wonderful job. We have an alert and well informed group of officers and trustees. I am sure all of you would have enjoyed meeting all of your cousins. The German PACE/PEES descendants were well represented as well as the early Virginia line.

Do make a point of becoming a member of the Pace Society of America and make plans now to attend the 2002 reunion June 21,22,23 in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Get to know your wonderful cousins who are such a great group of nice people. See you at the 2002 reunion.

Ruth Keys Clark, Kansas

happy diners

Enjoying the banquet

"...from the Williamsburg Reunion...June 2000"

JON PACE writes:

In my report this time last year about
my first PACE Society Reunion in Hendersonville, NC,
I made the following statement:

"There's something special about walking into a room full of strangers and feeling right at home and being treated like family." This was again reinforced in Williamsburg with the additional feeling that I had known some of the attendee's all my life even though I met them for the first time last year. It is an uncanny phenomenon.

I went up two days early and stopped over in Raleigh, NC, for a couple of days research at the State Library. This put me at the Ft. Magruder hotel too early for registration but there were many cousins in the same boat so we had a couple of hours to get acquainted and re-acquainted. This year there was a "Genealogy & Hospitality Room" available for "Chit Chat" all during the reunion. It made it more convenient to meet people and share information. I hope this facility becomes a standard for the reunions in the future....Jon Pace

President Earl BERGEN hosted a get acquainted reception at 6 PM.
This was followed by a barbeque that evening that was not your typical barbeque. The food was especially delicious and the outside setting was more comfortable than most of us had imagined. The heat of the day had dissipated in the shade of the evening.

As a personal aside, I was a little uncomfortable in the setting. The reception and barbeque were held in the middle of a Civil War "Redoubt" which was part of Fort Magruder during the Battle of Williamsburg in the spring of 1862. I was surprised that ground where men in both Blue and Gray had bled and died was not more hallowed.

Ladies from west having a chat

The tour of the PACE sites on the south side of the James River was very pleasant. However, most of the people on the right side of my bus were uncomfortable because the AC was out on their side of the bus. The "...people on the left side..." could only compare the scene to Paula Poundstone's famous routine. About half way through the trip the bus drivers managed to solve the problem to the delight of "...the people on the right side...".

For some of us this was the first time we had walked on the same ground as our ancestors. We visited the following sites in this order:
1) The Surry County Courthouse grounds to view the monument to "Chanco" which mentions our Richard PACE.

George Pace of Jamestown

2) Mt. Pleasant - a beautiful, pre Revolutionary War estate built almost on the site of the home of Richard and Isabel at Paces Paines.
3) Flowerdew Hundred Museum - and restoration on the former "...Pierce, his hundred..." next door to the property of George PACE.
4) Merchants Hope Church, Prince George County; and
5) Westover Church, Charles City County.

Saturday, we enjoyed a very pleasant breakfast at 7 AM! Most of us were on time. Afterwards, there was a short business meeting where Bob PACE of Huntsville, AL, was elected the new President and the other offices were filled. I am sorry to have to report that I do not have a complete list. It was also announced that the 2001 Reunion will be in Salt Lake City, UT. Plans are being made to have the 2002 Reunion in Dallas, TX but that might not be official yet.

Next, Dr. Wayne PACE made a presentation titled "The Brothers". His branch of the family is descended from a German PACE family who came to America and settled first in Pennsylvania. His presentation impressed on me that there are other branches of the PACE name not descended from Richard and Isabel.

Bring the young folks

Gord and Tom PACE from Ontario
having a chat

George & Bob

Treasurer, Jane Shelton, presented her findings about which Amy PACE married Solomon STRICKLAND. She has found new proof to support the claim of Bruce Howard that this Amy PACE was the son of Richard PACE of Edgecombe County, NC, and NOT Thomas PACE as claimed by others.

Finally, Bruce Howard made his presentation titled "Preponderance of Evidence". His presentation prompted a lot of interaction from the audience. Most of the discussion was concerning his claim that George PACE DID NOT marry Sarah Maycock. I was disappointed that more time was not available for different subjects covered by his book.

The banquet Saturday evening was a very fitting conclusion to the reunion. I must mention that all of the meals were very well presented and the food was delicious. The Reunion Chairman, Don TORTORICE, with the assistance of Historian, Jack PACE, did an outstanding job in planning and conducting the reunion.

It had been scheduled for "Richard PACE" to be the featured speaker for the evening. However, upon checking the "calendar" it was discovered that the year was 1650!!! As we know, Richard was not with us after 1625. So, his son, "George PACE" supplied in his absence.

I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the ability and talent of this man. I am just sorry that I did not get his name. I spoke with him briefly and learned that he has been in his business for over 15 years. He was dressed in period costume including ceremonial sword. The costume was of the type that a man of the period would wear to formal occasions.

Without notes and entirely ad lib, he expounded on community politics and feeling for his period. He fielded questions from the audience with ease. He had learned enough of the history of the PACE Family to sprinkle in comments about PACE familiar events. He declined to get involved in controversial topics. When asked the maiden name of his wife, he replied, "My wife is known as Mistress Pace.". A most poignant moment, for me, was when he, in some discussion about England, said, "Of course, I have never been to England and probably never will." Then a look of some regret crossed his face and he indicated that he may be missing out on some things of which he was not aware.

Other than the incredible talent of this actor, what impressed me most about the evening was this. It seems to me that George PACE (our first) is passed over (not to say trivialized) by most of us in our hurry to get from the heroics of Richard (our first) to our particular line of Richard (our second). It occurred to me that each person in our lineage deserves to receive as diligent treatment as the more famous or controversial.

My final impression about this and other reunions is that we need these meeting more than we know. Just as we need to attend our local genealogical society monthly meetings. Most of us labor in isolation. We spend too much time in libraries, archives or our basement offices. Our immediate family does not understand or appreciate our love of history in general much less our propensity to spend more time with the dead than with them.

At least once a year we need to get together to just to be together. While we can tour and meet and share new information, I believe the most important benefit is just being together. I hope to see you next year in Salt Lake City.

Jonathan A. Pace
Marietta, GA

Just returned from the Pace Society REUNION
this year, at Williamsburg, Virginia.

If you've never been to Virginia, you'd be amazed!!
Heritage is strong, the forefathers of America from Britain... not to be forgotten....Amen

Although expensive for Canadians to visit the US today, it's worth it to see the sights, and the warm weather; I immediately proceeded to the nearest K-Mart, upon arrival, for a few pairs of shorts, etc.

One of the greatest SALMON dinners I've ever ate was deliciously consumed, to the last morsal, at Saturday evening's banquet.

greeted us at the banquet, attired in period dress, visited each and every table for greetings and conversation. Later giving an eloquent, even to the accent, description of early James Towne life & order. GEORGE encouraged & answered many questions from the tables.

I believe GEORGE was from a nearby JAMESTOWN historical attraction. Quite the professional and entertaining chap. We enjoyed his dramatic skills, bringing vivid visions to our minds, relating to us of early life in COLONIAL JAMESTOWN.

Always a pleasure to hear, again, the southern drawl & humour of EARL BERGEN, BRUCE HOWARD, southern gentlemen, JANE SHELTON and many others. This is a treat, in itself, for northern folk, along with the SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY.
My third reunion visit.

We missed the Saturday PLANTATION TOUR, due to some weather & road delays, someone else's words can describe those interesting events.

The absence of the senior ladies, was felt. I'm honoured to have met them at past reunions. We can enjoy their wonderous gifts to us by reading their works, the PACE SOCIETY BOOKS, available from Jack Pace, JackP5@juno.com of Williamsburg
GTPace Ontario Canada

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