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The Pace Society of America was formed August 3, 1963 through the untiring efforts of Noble Hamilton PACE of Columbus, MS, assisted and encouraged by Miss Mable Pavey, a staunch supporter of the Pace Society until her death at age 93.  The Society is incorporated as a non-profit organization and has been active in family genealogy and history research continuously since that date.

In 1962, Noble Pace published his book,

Pace - One of America's Earliest Immigrant Families
(paperback, eighty-nine (89) pages, indexed) which is the foundation of the Society's Books & Publications.

 This book contains a wealth of information about the life and times of the Pace family in America collected by Noble over a period of twenty-five (25) years.  At the time of his death in 1971, Mrs. Pace donated his family genealogy records of the Pace family to the Pace Society of America.

In 1967, two main objectives were adopted.

  1. The first was to publish a Bulletin in an effort to assemble history and research data on early Pace family members and transmit it to the membership.
  2.  The other was to provide a means to bring together present day cousins via an annual meeting or reunion.
 Mrs. Marion Pace Mehrkens of Evanston, IL, was elected Editor of the Bulletin at the Williamsburg reunion in 1967.

Mrs. Mehrkens resigned her position as Vice President of Research and Editor in September 1976 due to ill health and Miss Alice Lee, Historian, resigned in 1995.  Both ladies did an outstanding job for the Society during their tenure.  Other outstanding contributions to the Pace Society have been rendered by J. Vernon Pace of Jackson, MS; Judge Charles Mills Pace of Spartanburg, SC; Dr. Ben C. McCary of Williamsburg, VA; Miss Eunice Pace, Jackson, MS.

The Pace Society continues to publish the Quarterly Bulletin with requests for information from members, news items about the Pace family, historical information, and other research data.  The Society also conducts an Annual Reunion, usually in June, at different locations around the country at locations where research facilities are conveniently located.

Prior reunions have been held in Columbus, MS; Williamsburg, VA; Charleston, SC; Biloxi, MS; Raleigh, NC; St. Louis, MO; Atlanta, GA; Hendersonville, NC, etc.  The current policy of the Society is to return to Williamsburg, VA every four (4) years when possible.  This allows members to visit old Jamestown where Richard, Isabella and George Pace became the first of our family to immigrate to America about 1617.  This was also the site of the infamous Jamestown Massacre, the finest hour of Richard Pace in March 1622.


The purpose of the Pace Society is simple:  To further genealogy and history research regarding the PACE family surname.  This purpose, as stated in Bulletin No. 132, June 2000, is:

  • Conduct research and compile genealogical, statistical and historical information on the Pace family surname (and descendent families) in America and other countries.
  • Publish and distribute the research findings and information in such form as may be deemed prudent to the members and the public generally.
  • Preserve and make available to present and future generations the detailed research information and history from the Society as a history of the Pace family in America.
Summary of Membership Policies

The following policy statements are in summary form and subject change:

  1. Any individual with the surname PACE is eligible to become a member.
  2. Any individual that is a descendent of a person with the surname PACE is eligible to become a member.
  3. Membership dues are $25.00 per year.  The membership year expires on the anniversary of your payment.
  4. All members will receive a subscription to the Pace Society Bulletin, the quarterly publication of the Society.
  5. INCLUDED in MEMBERSHIP is access to Members Only Database
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