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The Sorensen DNA database

The Sorensen DNA database now allows searching by surname.
Their website is at

CLICK HERE - to go there

There are 11 Pace entries in the database - 6 of them are descendants of WILLIAM PACE and RUTH LAMBERT. One of these 6 may already be in our project (as they are in the same location in a descendancy chart), but the other 5 do not appear to be in the project already. Of these 5 participants, four of them are fairly closely related family members from one branch of the family, and the 6th is likely a descandant of another branch. I haven't yet studied the other 5 Pace entries in the database - but their DNA does not match Group 3 and I haven't yet spent the time to determine their haplotypes (it can be a trial and error process but not difficult when starting with known results from the Pace DNA project). The Sorensen database adds 11 new marker results to the William Pace -Ruth Lambert modal haplotype (group of results) - for a total of 48 markers with the 37 already known.

To go to the results page at the Sorensen database for the William Pace (Ruth Lambert) modal haplotype and which also shows the other Pace entries (but not their marker results), you will need to go to the rather long link below. Hopefully, you will be able to just click on it, but otherwise all parts need to go into your browser.


I have added the SMGF participants to the descendancy chart for this line that I showed at the reunion. (Note - the information is as given by the participants.) As I mentioned at the reunion, the William Pace/Ruth Lambert line is well represented in the DNA study, through several branches of William's family. This representation through several branches of the family lets us determine the ancestral haplotype (results) for William Pace - so we really don't need to recruit any more participants from this line. We have participants through the lines of two sons of William Pace (both James and Isaac) - with matching results. The two mutations that occur in two participants' results both occurred more recently than William Pace - they both occurred at a more recent point in the descendancies of William's son James - but not all of James' descendants have the mutations.

Descendants of WILLIAM PACE in the DNA study

1. WILLIAM PACE (b.1750-NC;d.1830-TN)

  • 2. James Pace (b.1778-NC;d.1814-Battle of New Orleans)
    + sp: Mary Ann Loving
    • 3. William Franklin Pace (b.1806-TN;d.1876-UT)
      + sp: Margaret E. Nichols
      • 4. Wilson Daniel Pace (b.1831-TN;d.1899-AZ)
        + sp: Elizabeth Lee
        • 5. James Byrum Pace (b.1872-UT;d.1933-NM)
          • 6. Pace
            • 7. Donor #14155 Pace
              (Also one in SMGF database at this location in the tree - same line??)
      • 4. Pace
        (Without the names this branch may also be Wilson Daniel's line or John's below?)
        • 5. Pace
          • 6. Donor #15548 Pace
      • 4. John Alma Lawrence Pace (1841; 1929 CA)
        • 5. Alfred Lawrence Pace (1884 UT; 1973 UT)
          • 6. Pace
            • 7. Donor Pace (SMGF database)
              • 8. Donor Pace (SMGF database)
              • 8. Donor Pace (SMGF database)
              • 8. Donor Pace (SMGF database)

(NOTE: The SMGF database has one grandson and 3 great-grandsons of Alfred Lawrence Pace. It is not known how they are related to each other, ie, the great grandsons are not necessarily brothers, nor are they necessarily sons of the 7th generation Pace.)

    • 3. James Pace (b.1811-TN;d.1888-AZ)
      + sp: Lucinda Gibson Strickland (also Ann Webb)
      • 4. William Byram Pace (b.1832-TN;d.1907-UT)
        • 5. Pace
          • 6. Pace
            • 7. Donor #7833 Pace

      • 4. Warren Sidney Pace (b.1837-IL;d.1903-UT)
        • 5. Sidney David Pace (b.1858-UT;d.1930-CO)
          • 6. Pace
            • 7. Pace
              • 8. Donor #6429 Pace

    2. Isaac Pace (b.1798-GA;d.1857-TN)
    • 3. John Pace (b.1832-TN;d.1865-OH)
      + sp: Minerva Jane Batton
      • 4. Pace
        • 5. Pace
          • 6. Donor #6366 Pace

There is also a 6th Pace in the SMGF database that is probably a descendant of William Pace and Ruth Lambert. This participant indicates they are the great-grandson of James O. Pace, b. 1896 in Thatcher, Arizona. No other pedigree information is available. This appears likely to be a descendant of James Orlando Pace (b.1858 UT), son of James Pace (b.1811) and his wife Ann Webb.

I hope you can follow what I have written. It is more difficult to write it than to sit down with someone and discuss it with feedback.

I am also including below a copy of an e-mail posted on the Genealogy-DNA mail list that indicates that it is permissible to use SMGF DNA results in DNA projects.



From: DisplayMail('','DNACousins');
Subject: Re: [DNA] SMGFGuidance please
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005

In a message dated 08/31/05 2:05:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time, DisplayMail('','christopher.atkinson700'); writes:
> A question though. I have found 9 sets of DNA marker results for holders of > my surname. I've been able to obtain most of their marker results and > associated trees. Am I allowed to utilise the data in my DNA study? This almost > doubles the number of results I have and I'm sure will add greatly to encourage > people to take part in the study. I don't want to break any rules.

I just checked with Ugo Perego at SMGF. He said there are no rules against utilizing data extracted from the website. I think it would be good policy to cite the SMGF database as the source, though, perhaps even with the link you can bookmark giving the search parameters (although I'm not sure that would be a permanent link).

Ann Turner

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