Cole County, Missouri
Pace Heritage

Extracts from death certificates - names of interest - JAMES PENDLETON PACE - EBEN PACE
b: 25 Mar., 1711, Middlesex Co. Va
d: abt 1782, Albermarle Co., Va.
b: 1715 Middlesex Co., Va.
m: 26 Sep. 1733
d: Dec. 1785 Albermarle Co., Va.

Paces of central Missouri - Camden and/or Cole County

from Pace Network - 1996 Queries
The following members of the Pace family of Cole and Camden counties, MO
are buried in the Murray cemetery, just south of Centerville, MO., Cole Co. We know nothing about their origins. One idea is that MARTHA PACE MURRAY may have been part Cherokee, another that CHRISTOPHER MURRAY's mother was Cherokee. Christopher did move to Oklahoma following Martha's death in 1892, where he died in 1901.

  • ELIZABETH PACE, b. 1/23/1828, d. 11,1892,
    married CHRISTOPHER MURRAY (1825-1091).
    She is buried in the Murray cemetery, just south of Centertown, in Cole Co., MO.

    Their daughter, MARTHA MURRAY, married WILLIAM WILSON in 1868;
    they had 15 children

  • JOHN T. PACE (1844-1930)
  • Mary J. Pace (1840-1928)
    Their children (?) Contemporaries of Christopher and Martha Pace Murray are:
  • B.F. PACE, d. 1905
  • MARTHA U. PACE, d. 1886

    Thank you for any help you can give us in this search for our Pace relatives.

    from Pace Netwoork - 1997 Queries
    I am seeking info on JOHN THOMAS PACE and his father JOHN R. PACE.

    John T. b.1844 d.1930 marr. MARY JANE BIRD. John R. b.1790 marr. EMILY TAYLOR.
    These people from Cole Co., Missouri. Will appreciate your help.
    Frances Drever

    descendent of JOHN THOMAS and MARY ANN BIRD's son-JOSEPH FRANKLIN PACE b 1870

    I am the ggrandaughter of JOSEPH FRANKLIN PACE b. 8-21-1870, who was the son of JOHN THOMAS PACE and MARY JANE BIRD PACE of COLE Co. Missouri. I know we are related as JOHN THOMAS was the son of JOHN R. PACE and EMILY TAYLOR.

    I too am looking for the answers that you are.
    I am certainly not an "expert". I am truly a "novice", but would also like to clear up the discussion with correct answers. I have done my searching up to this point and have sometimes relyed on people of great experience and information. I agree that it should be checked out by us and not rely on others, but I at my location, do not have the resourses that others have. I hope that they understand this as I write to them for their advice and knowledge WAY beyond mine. My family comes from South Texas on the gulf coast and my library does not have the resources it should. If I can help you with anything you need, please feel free to contact me and I hope that I can do the same with you.
    Please send me your info, and if you would like mine, I will send it to you. I continue to wait for the unknown answers and read it intently as I know you do... Good Christi, Texas

    From ancestry .com
    James Pendleton Pace - son of John Wilson Pace and Henrietta Ann Mcquarry.

    There was in Goochland Co.Va a Pendleton Pace,
    who married Elizabeth Johnson, dau. of Stanhope Johnson.

    this Stanhope Johnson was also sur. at the marriage of Elisha Pace and Patsy Johnson, dau. of Tho,Johnson

    From Goochland Co. Va Birth Register
    Stanhope Johnson b. Feb 27, 1758
    baptized April 25, 1758
    parents Daniel Johnson and Jean Woodie

    I have looked and looked for Jean Woodie,
    Did she come from England.??
    Any Descendents from Stanhope Johnson,
    Pendleton Pace?

    Since I have a Pace, Robinson, Johnson connection in Va. - looking for details about these people.

    Here are some burials in Ridge Park Cemetery,
    Saline County, Missouri

    William Ben R. Pace
    b. 26 Mar 1852
    d. 2 Mar 1926
    parents John and Henrietta Pace
    wife, Mary F. Pace

    Mary Jane Leaton Pace
    b. 15 Nov. 1859
    d.15 Aug. 1956
    Parents; William adn Lucinda Davis Leston
    Hus. W.B.R.

    George Wilson Pace
    b. 3 April 1883
    d. 11 April 1963
    parents: Martin W. and Rose Ann Leaton Pace
    wife: Elizabeth Custer Pace

    Elmire Llynn Pace
    b. 7 Oct. 1880
    d. 10 april 1963
    Parents: Sam and Mary A lberry Parker
    Husband: Thomas Pace

    Lois Long Carey - Apr 2006

    Extracts from Missouri Digital Archives
    Cole County, Missouri Death Certificates, 1910-1961

    Henrietta Marie Pace b Sept 17,1926 d Nov.2,1930 age 4yr 1mo 17days
    father James Alfred Pace b Centertown mother Bulah Stuart b Pettis Co.
    Alfred Pace Jr. b Sept.13,1935 d Oct.15,1935 Centertown, MO.
    father James Alfred Pace b Centertown mother Bulah Stuart b Pettis Co.
    Joseph Griffin Pace b Nov.30,1832 Ill. d July 5,1917 age 84yr 7mo 5days
    father John R.Pace b Ky mother Emily Taylor b Ky Informant Eben Pace California,MO.

    descendents-1 - descendents-2

    James B.Pace 426 W.Ashley, Jefferson City b Jul 24,1836 d Feb.1,1922 age 65yr 6mo 7days
    father Martin M.Pace b Va mother Rebecca Wood(?) wife Mattie Pace
    Cecil E.Pace b May 8,1896 Lees Summit d June 13,1922 accidental drowning age 26yr 1mo 5 days
    father William Pace b Centertown mother illegible Glen b McGirk,MO.
    Mrs. Mary Jane Pace wife of John T.Pace b Oct.12,1840 Jamestown, MO. d Jan.19,1928 age 87yr 3mo 7 days
    father George Bird b Tennessee mother Rebecca Salen b Tennessee
    John Thomas Pace b Jul.26,1844 Cole Co. d Mar.17,1930 age 85yr 7mo 21days acute bronchitis
    father John R.Pace b Virginia mother (says unk) Emily Taylor
    Elizabeth Henrietta Pace Route 1 Centertown b Oct.25,1899 Jefferson City d Dec.27,1954 age 55 2mo 2 days
    father Fred Wehmeyer mother Paulina Burbach husband/informant Fred F.Pace Centertown
    Emmet S.Pace widowed b Apr.5,1866 near Elston,MO. d Feb.7,1910 age 43yr 10mo 2 days
    father John W.Pace b Virginia mother Henrietta R.Mcguary b Virginia informant Dania McKinmey, Elston
    Isabella Jane Pace widowed 109 Adams, Jefferson City b Apr.20,1866 d Jun.3,1955 age 89 1mo 13 days
    father Theopolis Daughtery mother unk. husband C.L.Pace informant Mrs. Wil.Morrow Jefferson City
    Ace Pace age 56 d Jan 28,1924 (colored) husband of Julia Pace informant
    Julia Pace widow negro 811 E.Elm St.Jefferson City b Boone Co. age about 84
    Lawrence Patrick Pace b Feb.28,1891 Greenwood,MO. d March 14,1933 age 42yr 14 days
    father James C.Pace b Camden Co.MO. mother Alice McKenna b Moniteau Co.MO. informant Mrs.Velma Pace Centertown
    Mrs.Lizzie Pace b Feb.18,1842 Miller Co.MO. d Dec.8,1917 age 75yr 9mo 20 days
    father Thomas Gier b Kentucky mother Lizzie Dobius informant illegible Hartley, Elston
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