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by Roy Johnson - former DNA Coordinator

The first accomplishment of the Pace DNA study was

  • settle the question of
    the ancestry of JOHN PACE - Middlesex Co. VA. of the latter 1600s

  • DNA proved that he WAS NOT related to
    descending from RICHARD PACE of JAMESTOWN.

  • Further evidence was found when
    Gordon T Pace of Canada (born in England) matched 25/25
    with descendents of JOHN PACE of Middlesex

  • and in the 37 marker test
FTDNA estimates that there is an 85% chance
the common ancestor of Gordon and 6379 occurred less than 350 years ago
  • Since John of Middlesex and Gordonís ancestor GEORGE PACE Chr 1670
    were contemporaries and were adults 300 years ago
  • that means there is an 85% chance - according to the DNA results -
    that the common ancestor was their father.

But DNA can only point, it cannot prove,
and one of its most important functions is to point to sources that need to be checked.

Gordon T Pace did this and found the following

    (shown in the chart on the left)
    in the English Parish Records

    while the Christchurch records in America
    are shown in the chart on the right

It takes only a glance at this information
to see that the parish records support the DNA evidence. 
  • Five matching given names in the two families
    (and in the same order except George and Joseph)
    are too much to be coincidence.
(Parish records have Jane; John's will has Joane, a difference of spelling only.) The names JOSEPH and MARGARET are the given names of the parents of John and George in England. John of Middlesex must be John of Shropshire, brother to George Pace.

In addition,
John of Shropshire disappears from the parish records of that locale after his Christening, giving added strength to the supposition that he emigrated and was indeed John of Middlesex. Had he married or died in Shropshire there would be records. Also he is just the right age.He would be 27 in 1693 the date of John of M's land purchase.

And if this isnít enough,
Gordon has tracked other Shropshire names such as  Barnett, Picken, Cotterell, Harrison, Maddocks/Maddox, Groom and other surnames, and found them in the precise areas of Virginia where John and his descendents are found, but less often in the other areas. Since families often migrated together, this tends to support the Shropshire origins of John of Middlesex.

GTPace mentions:
Since we are talking about the "suspected mother" of JOHN PACE of Middlesex and the mother of GEORGE PACE - let me reveal what is in the Shropshire parish records:

At St. Peters Church, Wrockwardine, Shropshire

  • Christening 22 Sep 1665
  • WROCKWARDINE, Shropshire
  • Father: JOSEPH PACE
  • Mother: MARGARET
  • LDS batch number P006621

  • Christening 28 May 1670
  • PREES, Shropshire
  • Father: JOSEPH PACE
    Mother not mentioned
    but noticed GEORGE's 1st child named MARGARET

- I asked Jack Pace of Williamsburg - who has done much research into the records of CHRIST CHURCH in Middlesex County, Virginia

- if the name PALMER showed up

- JACK PACE said YES - March 03 1712 a BLAZEDON-PALMER marriage Sarah Palmer m William Blazedon

- Since MARGARET PALMER was Christened at WELLINGTON, Shropshire (a market town) 05 JUN 1631 - I looked for the name BLAZEDON in the WELLINGTON, Shropshire records

- I found several BLADEN Christenings and marriages in the WELLINGTON records - Check this out

- Even a later PALMER-BLADEN marriage - SARAH BLADEN Spouse: WILLIAM PALMER Marriage: 31 JUL 1785 Wellington

Roy goes on:
It should be emphasized
that it was documentation that finally provided the above evidence; DNA alone cannot do it.  Gordonís documented ancestry from George, and the documented ancestry of the other submitters to John of Middlesex, are the cords that linked the DNA evidence together.

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