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Welsh patronymic naming system
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The ancient Welsh patronymic naming system can cause significant problems for genealogists. PATRONYMICS describes the process of giving a male child the father's GIVEN/FORENAME as a SURNAME. THIS MEANS THAT A FAMILY's NAME CHANGES IN SUCCESSIVE GENERATIONS.

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Joe Anderson says

Let me outline the situation
for those who don't follow this group closely.

FREDERICK had three sons,
all of whom moved to Clarke County ALABAMA
between 1809 and 1822.
These sons were, by age:
  1. William 113987 - 37 marker DNA test
  2. John - 73852 - 37 marker DNA test
  3. Dempsey
For several years, we have had samples from 3 closely related donors (father, son, uncle), all of whom descend from one son of John.

About a year ago, we obtained results from a donor who descends from a second son of John. The results reported by Roy yesterday are from a donor who descends from William, the brother of John and the eldest son of FREDERICK.

These results are important in that they provide additional evidence that allows us to choose between conflicting theories about this group:

1. Descent from FREDERICK PACE who immigrated to the colonies not long before the Revolution. This version is supported by several old sources, most notably by the biography of Dr. Jesse M. Pace of Dallas.

2. Descent from John (the Tory) Pace m. Sarah and, through him, back to Richard of Jamestown. This version originated in the speculations of Bruce Howard in his book. To make this version work, Mr. Howard had to assume that the Pace brothers who moved to Clarke Co had lied about who their father was.

Since the five samples match each other and do not match descendents of John the Tory nor any other Pace group, I think that we can safely conclude that Mr. Howard's theory has been conclusively disproved.

Joe Anderson
Through J.V. Pace's books, "Pace, Your Family and Mine," we can trace several male line descendents of Dempsey into the first half of the 20th century. Perhaps someone on the list will recognize these families and can find and persuade a male Pace from the Dempsey line to contribute a DNA sample.

The DNA results indicate
there is absolutely no relationship between
  1. the Frederick Pace line
  2. the John Pace of Middlesex line
  3. or the Richard Pace line.
They are a distinct line of Paces
one of several distinct lines of Paces that have been found through the Pace DNA study.
Rebecca Christensen
Results 1-12 are in and show a perfect match for the modal in the Wales group. Here is the lineage:
  1. Donor
  2. Father
  3. Grandfather
    William Earle Pace
    born August 1875
  4. John J. Pace
    born 1840 in Clarke Co, AL
  5. Dempsey P. Pace
    born 1810 in Wilkinson Co, GA
  6. William Pace
    born abt 1757
    died June 1826 in Clarke Co, AL
More proof that this is a unique group.
The rest of the results should be in soon.

I have entered these results in the Wales chart
and on the Donors page. - Roy Johnson

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