CHARLES PACE letter to EDWARD PACE - below
Was given by Mrs. Arthur Cochran Adam of Jacksonville, Florida.

The records of John Pace were taken from the records found in
"Richard Pace - The Tudor Diplomat" by Wegg.

16 Alexander Road
Southport, Lancashire, England
February 27, 1911
Edward A. Pace, Esq.

Dear Sir:
I am enclosing a pedigree of the early Paces, which will no doubt interest you as a member of the family. I should be very pleased to hear from you if you have any particulars of the American Paces, or you know of any of our name living in the States. There are apparently some descendents of the family of the Bishop Thomas Pace (?) in your country for an accredited book-plate emblazons his Armorial Coat. (Argent, a chevron sable between three gillyflowers proper.) X Crest

John Harvard, the founder of Harvard University, is descendent from the Paces of Shottery, near Stratford on Avon

Pace de Shottery
Margaret Pace and Thos. Rogers mar. Jan 31, 1962 (expected error of date)
Robertus Harvard and Katherine Rogers (born Nov. 25, 1584
John Harvard (Founded Harvard University in 1638)

Archbishop Peter Pace of Malta was knighted by King Edward VII. There is, however, no modern connection with the English Paces. He was the son of Francis Pace of Gozo (Italy).

The name is uncommon in England and seems to have originated in the southern counties and spread northwards. As far as I know, there is no locality where the name can be termed common. Newbold Pacey, a village not far from Shottery, took it's name from it's early possessors, the Pacey (Pace) family.

Believe me - Dear Sir

Faithfully yours (Signed) Charles L. Pace

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